The Republic Day celebration at St. Xavier’s High School in Bilaspur was a grand and patriotic affair that took place on the 26th of January at 9:00 am. The celebration was graced by the presence of Sheikh Naziruddin, the Sabhapati of Nagar Nigam, Bilaspur, who was the chief guest for the occasion.

The celebration began with the hoisting of the national flag, followed by the singing of the national anthem. The students of the school then formed a pyramid formation, which was a magnificent sight to behold. The pyramid formation was followed by a scintillating dance performance by the students, who showcased their talents and paid tribute to the country’s rich cultural heritage.

The highlight of the celebration was the patriotic songs sung by the school choir, which left everyone presents spellbound. The students, staff, and guests sang along with the choir, which made for a memorable and emotional moment.

In his address, Sheikh Naziruddin praised the school and its students for their patriotism and encouraged them to continue to strive for the betterment of their country. He spoke about the importance of national unity and reminded the students of their duty as citizens to always work for the betterment of their nation.

After the conclusion of the celebration, the school management arranged for the distribution of Prashad to the students, parents, and staff. The students relished the delicious Prashad, which added a sweet touch to the celebration.