St. Francis Xavier


  • Enabling all students to achieve their potential through quality instructional programme and shared Commitment to continuous improvement.


  • * To create a connection between learners’ spiritual, ethical, social, cognitive, mental and
    physical growth and development;
    * To nurture individuality and thus enhance one’s innate potentials;
    * To foster constitutional literacy and tolerance for different cultures.
    * To develop scientific outlook and transformative competencies, in order to meet the demands
    of changing society.

We Believe in

  • Inculcating the spirit of humane as well as spiritual development in a harmonious manner.
  • Effective learning and qualitative teaching.
  • Rigorous curriculum, Measurable outcomes, ongoing assessment, Professional development and Continuous improvement.
  • Challenging every student to learn at or above standard level.
  • Placing interest of the students, above all others, in every decision we make.